Bio Energetic Frequency Therapy is a revolutionary new micro-current frequency device made in Germany. This treatment is changing the way we approach wellness and is 10 years advanced technology. It optimizes the body’s cellular, emotional and energetic levels to activate self healing and bring your body back into Bio Energetic Balance. Consult with us to see how Bio-Energetic Therapy can help you!

“If you wish to understand the Universe, think ENERGY, FREQUENCY and VIBRATION!”

Nichola Tesla

First Visit
$150 (90 mins)
Assessment / Protocol / Treatment

Single Treatment
$75 (60 mins)
$120 (90 mins)
$45 Add-on Treatment to any 60-min Treatment

Treatment Packages

3 Sessions | $225 plus 1 complimentary Program
6 Sessions | $450 plus 2 complimentary Programs
9 Sessions | $675 plus 3 complimentary Programs
12 Sessions | $900 plus 4 complimentary Programs

Targeted Pain Relief $50 (30 mins)
Add Venus Heal $45 (Add 20 mins)